I don’t mean to boast.

Really, I don’t.  The last thing I wish to to is make the Blogosphere envious.

But, friends?

I cannot help myself.  I am fairly giddy with mommy pride, and I must share it with someone.

So at the risk of offending you with one of those gushy, doting, Look-What-Wonderful-Cherubs-I-Have type photos,

I’m going to go ahead and show you.

Be forewarned:  If you are at all competitive, do yourself a favor and exit the Desperate Domain pronto.

You’re still here?  All right.




Now. I know what you’re thinking, friends.  I can hear you, whispering behind your hands at one another, all the while keeping a suspicious eye trained on my photo:

“She did that herself.”

“Or she at least helped.  That is so the work of a mom.”

“That picture?  Is totally doctored.”

I assure you, friends.  The photograph you see is in no way altered.

And…before you ask…no, my groom was not home at the time that the image was captured.

It is, pure and simple, the work of one of my clever Cherubs.

Just five minutes before, that same scene had looked like this:


Disclaimer:  The above photo was staged by the Housemommy for purposes of comparison.

And, I’d like to reiterate, it now looks like this:



Which Cherub did this, you ask?

I do not know.

For when I laid my eyes upon the beautiful sight and subsequently burst forth from the lavatory in a flurry of cartwheels and high kicks, ready to quadruple the allowance of the child who had done this good deed, all three of them clamored that they had done it.

Again I say:  Clever Cherubs.

Will I ever know how this came to be?

Probably not.

But it did happen, friends.

I have photo evidence.  Which I am considering framing and hanging in my Desperate foyer.

And that is good enough for me.