This fall, much to my delight,

The Small One finally decided that he would like to take piano lessons like The Twins.

My laissez-faire approach toward the issue has paid off.

That’s French for Leave the kid the heck alone, and he’ll come around.

And come around he has, friends.

In sum?

He loves it.

Everything about it.

What does he enjoy most about playing the piano?

Well…that’s difficult to say.

It could be his collection of orange lesson books with his name written in permanent marker across the tops

Or practicing on the old upright piano which has been a part of Desperate family history for more than thirty years

It might be his teacher, a delightful friend and neighbor who welcomes him into her home each Thursday morning before school for his lessons

Or perhaps the age-appropriate incentive system that she has implemented to reward a job well done.

Really, I can’t quite put my finger upon it…