I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always get this parenting gig right.

I sometimes contradict myself

I occasionally swim upstream against conventional Mommy Wisdom

And I have succumbed to the crazies acted on impulse more times than I care to tally.

Take last Wednesday, for example.

I marched unannounced into The Cherubs’ elementary school and had Twin A summoned to the office.  When she appeared, nervous and perplexed, I hustled her out of the building and into the Jeep.

Though I assured her that she would only be gone for an hour or two, she flung words like  ”kidnap”
and  ”hooky” at me.  The drive into town was a short one.  I had no time to second-guess myself and my irrational actions.

I mean…really…what kind of mother thumbs her nose at the educational system in such a fashion?

I suppose that would be the kind of mother

Who believes that sometimes…just sometimes…

In seizing an opportunity to make a memory that will last a lifetime.

In meeting your hero

And having the chance to tell him

That your hopes and dreams are defined

By following in his footsteps.