Happy Halloween, friends.

I assume that many of you will be walking your Cherubs around your respective neighborhoods this evening, Tricking and Treating and having a fine time.  No doubt, your offspring have had their costumes for the past month and will be itching to put them on as soon as school lets out.

And what about you Mommies?  Are any of you the type of Fun Mommy who dons a costume herself for Trick-or-Treating?

I, myself, do not.

Mainly because I believe that, If I were to purchase and put on one of the off-the-rack costumes that I’ve seen in stores, I might contract a ferocious case of frostbite.

Or maybe get myself arrested for indecent exposure.

Does any Mommy catch my drift here?

For it seems to me that the focus of Halloween, at least for women, has gone from Scary to Sexy.

It’s not enough to be a witch for Halloween.

Oh, no.

One must be a Sexy Witch.

And one wouldn’t be caught dead in a black cat costume

Unless is was a Sexy Black Cat Costume.

Is it me?


But – Just to bolster my argument – I have gathered for your consideration five costumes that I don’t believe should ever have gone the sexy route.

And yet they did.


Sexy Seeded Fruit

Sexy Anemone-Dwelling Clownfish

Sexy Summer Camp Serial Killer

Sexy Chinese Leftovers

And…for those of you who have truly had it up to *here* with all of the gratuitous sexiness:

The Sexy Feminist.

To you and yours…a Very Sexy Halloween.