I love traditions.

Don’t you?

If you’ve been with me in my little corner of cyberspace for a year or more, then you may recall a post that I wrote last December called A Desperate Family Tradition.

If you happen to have missed that one?

Fear not.  And click here to view it.

But if you’re lazy


Um, already familiar with the post of which I speak, then you know that it centered around the following photograph…one that I snapped after The Cherubs had offered to set up our Nativity scene.

Yes.  Well.

A year has passed.

And the Cherubs are a year older

A year more mature

A year better able to grasp that the Nativity is an image that should be treasured.

Reflected upon.

Protected, even.

So this year…when I lovingly removed the wooden pieces from storage over the weekend

And trepidatiously handed them over to my three darlings

They did not recreate the Cirque du Messiah.

Oh, no.

This year?

They remembered to protect and keep the Christ child…

With Little Green Army Guys

And Ninjas.