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And now…

Without further ado…

Because Mama Kat told me to my readership yearns to know more about me…

…I humbly offer a list of Twenty Two Things that I’ve Never Done.


I’m forty years old.

And I’ve never:

1.  Participated in a roller derby.

2.  Played the mandolin.

3.  Followed the Grateful Dead across the United States in a Volkswagen Bus.

4.  Offered my children up for adoption, foster care, slave labor, or minimum wage work.

5. Been referred to as a Space Cowboy or a Gangster of Love.

6.  Instigated a food fight.

7.  Made a souffle’.  Or pate’.  Or any dish that ends in e’, for that matter.

8.  Taken part in a business transaction involving a suitcase full of unmarked bills.

9.  Wallowed barefoot in a vat full of grapes.

10. Simultaneously wailed and gnashed my teeth.

11. Toured the Bermuda Triangle.

12. Observed an Aardvark in its natural habitat.

13. Blamed it on the rain.

14. Walked on sunshine.

15. Had a permanent wave that I haven’t regretted.

16.  Been atop a human pyramid.

17.  Plummeted down Niagara Falls in a barrel.

18.  Licked a 9-volt battery.

19.  Sung Free Bird in its entirety.

20. Memorized Pi beyond nine digits.

21. Prophesied about end times from a busy street corner.

22. Received over 800 comments on a post listing things I’ve never done. Are you KIDDING me?