Many times, cleaning a house becomes an exhausting task, but it is only a matter of organization and to do a  weekly cleaning routine or daily, if you prefer. You can become very afraid, feel lost, and miss your mother a lot. Do not worry, we are more than you think.

Admittedly, cleaning a house many times exceeds us. Nobody likes to clean a house but let’s be honest, there are very few feelings more comforting than seeing your house impeccable. That’s why, so you do not get overwhelmed, we tell you where to start cleaning the house.

Steps to clean your house without overwhelming you

However, whether due to lack of time or desire (many more times due to lack of desire), cleaning becomes an odious task, a task that only guests who do not warn or parents who show up unexpectedly can accelerate. That someone sees your dirty house is hell, but with a few tips you can become a great host.

Knowing where to start is vital so that you do not take centuries to clean your home and following a series of  daily cleaning guidelines  you will be able to maintain that order that you so longed for.

  • First of all, if you have people nearby, ask for help. Form a small cleaning team will save you a lot of time and you will have the house in perfect condition.
  • The next phase is observation. Each house is unique, so you have to see if it is the room where there is more clutter because you make a lot of life there, or if the bathroom is the main victim of day to day.

Identified the main points that require a more thorough cleaning, we elaborate a route of action. We start with the  areas that we like least to clean . Many times this area is usually the kitchen or the bathroom. Since it is the first area where we began our thorough cleaning, we will pay close attention since we will not be tired yet and we will be able to do everything much faster.

If you see that your mood descends in a resounding way while you clean the house, you can play music, it will help you not to fall into the most absolute laziness and leave the cleaning half done!

After the bad swallow of cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, there are only the areas where you like to be most. Areas like the living room do not require as much detail as the kitchen or bathroom but try to order it as you would like it to be. Arriving home and sitting on the sofa in a completely clean and tidy room is gaining quality of life.

To finish, enter that area full of clothes and junk called your room. Most people have enough things that we do not use. Clothes that we never wear and accumulates in the cabinets and chairs, that memory of the last vacation or the Christmas gift that you never used.

You have to get rid of all the things that you do not use, you will discover that your room is much bigger than it seems. Finally, order your clothes according to the frequency with which you use them, so that the order is kept as possible.

Tricks to keep the house clean

Keeping your home clean and tidy  depends on small daily tricks. Maintaining that environment is not as complicated as it seems. With these daily tricks you can have a clean and tidy houses 12 months of the year:

  • Keep your things as soon as you get home, do not throw them on the bed.
  • Clear your desk of objects you do not use daily.
  • Pick up the house before going to sleep and before leaving.
  • Clean the kitchen in 15 minutes  while you are cooking.
  • Clean the bathroom every time you use it.
  • Scrub as soon as you finish eating.

With these little tips you can keep your house tidy and clean and you will not have to live through the torture that is a day of thorough cleaning. But if laziness can and you need a thorough cleaning of your home or just do not have time to do it, the best solution is to get in touch with the best professionals. At Limpiezas Express we love to see our customers satisfied: we do the cleaning in depth of your home in a single day, with the best techniques and the best professionals. Request your  home cleaning budget  and you will have your house cleaned in a single day.