1. Clean from top to bottom ; If not, when reviewing the upper areas, you will dirty the lower ones.
  2. Sweep or vacuum always before removing the dust, since when sweeping dirt can be raised again on the furniture.
  3. In textiles (carpets, upholstery, curtains …) remove stains when they occur, before they dry.
  4. If, when you pick up the clothes hanging the wrinkled guards, it will cost you more work to iron it. It is worth taking 5 minutes to keep it stretched and folded.
  5. In the rooms, set a day to change the sheets (not all beds at once) and throw them directly to wash so that the laundry does not accumulate. Turn the mattress every 15 days and let it air a couple of hours, so you will not have to vacuum it every week.
  6. In the room put covers to the sofa that you can remove and shake with ease and that are washable. It will cost you much less to leave it perfect.
  7. Plan There are tasks that can be done every 15 days, such as cleaning the cabinets inside, doors and windows, shaking the walls, reviewing the lamps thoroughly … Establish a monthly calendar so that they do not coincide.
  8. A tip, better pick up and aspire on Mondays, you know that during the weekend children are more at home, or you can receive visitors.
  9. A trick to avoid having to go over when you sweep is to wrap the brush in a nylon stocking , you will collect all the lint and dust in one sweep. And it is that the nylon generates static electricity that will attract every small particle.
  10. If instead of beating the beating cleaning all the windows at once clean a window every day, youalmost will not notice and on Saturday you’ll have done it.
  11. The washing-machine. Distribute the washes during the week, do not accumulate them all for the weekend. You can put the washing machine at night, and lay it in the morning so that when you get home the clothes are dry.
  12. The iron. Take advantage, for example, when you see your favorite series to distribute the ironing in 2-3 runs. Do not put on 2 or 3 pieces, because what consumes most energy is to heat the iron. So it’s worth to iron for longer runs.
  13. The furniture If every day you clean a piece (the table, the bookshelf …), you will only dedicate 5 minutes a day to remove the dust and the weekend will only need a quick review.


  1. Better to sweep after dinner, so no crumbs or lint on the floor will accumulate.
  2. Three times a week put a glass of water and lemon in the microwave. Turn it on and let it create steam. Then you just have to go over the cloth and dry.
  3. Protects cupboards, shelves and drawers with kitchen or plastic paper. When they are dirty, you change them and that’s it.
  4. Cover the floor in front of the fire area with a mat and avoid leaving traces of grease all over the kitchen.
  5. Always clean the hood first and then the plate.
  6. Check the fridge before going to make the purchase. Obviously, when it is full it takes longer to clean it than if it is almost empty.
  7. Cleaning the oven can be easier, clean it with a damp cloth after use, when the grease is still hot. If you let it cool and dry, then you will have to scratch and rub.


  1. After each shower dry the screen with a cotton cloth that does not leave lint; this way you will avoid that the lime is embedded and then you have to dedicate more time.
  2. Add vinegar to the toilets once a week, they will be perfect almost effortlessly.
  3. Take the opportunity to dry the tiles with a cloth when a lot of steam has been created in the bathroom, for example, after leaving the shower. It will not cost you anything to leave them perfect.
  4. The curtain always rinses it after the shower so that no traces of soap or foam remain. This will keep you clean longer.
  5. Always have a microfiber cloth handy to go over the faucet of the sink at night and prevent water or lime stains from accumulating.
  6. And in general, for all the bathroom, disposable multi-use wipes are very useful.
  7. To avoid fogging the mirrors, use very little spray and a lint-free cloth. A tip, clean with vinegar diluted in warm water and dry with newspaper.