Do you work all week and barely have time to do the housework? Do not you feel like dedicating your free time to cleaning?

So these six tricks on how to clean the house quickly and efficiently will come in handy.

How to clean the house and maintain it without too much effort? 

1. Organize and distribute tasks . If you live accompanied, do an equitable weekly distribution and, in this way, everything will be easier. Design a planning and follow it to the letter. We advise you to download our task organizer! 

2. Divide large tasks into smaller ones . Do not want to cover everything in one go, you can clean a part of your house every day and there is no reason to do it all at once. 

3. Collect what you dirty or leave by means . Get used to making the bed when you get up, save the clothes you take off, wash the dishes when you finish eating … That way you will not accumulate all the work.

4. Save your free time. If you have a little time with nothing to do at home, take the opportunity to mop the floor of the bathroom or kitchen, do the laundry, pick up or hang clothes, wipe the furniture to remove dust … 

5. Make always tasks such as vacuuming regularly, start cleaning the dust from the top down, sweeping every night after dinner … 

6. Take hold of outside help whenever possible, so you can manage better your free time if you have little and counted. With these recommendations on how to clean the house you will not have to go crazy and your home will not have anything to envy to those that appear in magazines.