Marie Kondo has always been a fan of decoration and cleaning. When she was little Marie grew up reading home and decorating magazines and practiced advice in her room and in the rest of the house. Her passion was more and, thanks to her, Marie decided to write a book that has become a super sales in Japan . In addition to her Best Seller, Marie also has clients in the Japanese country who she advises when it comes to keeping her home clean and tidy .

Marie offers simple tips to keep your home tidy and clean, something that for many is a challenge, so we bring you the main tricks that this order guru repeats and advises.

1. Save only what gives us joy

“The organization begins with the elimination”, is one of the phrases of Marie Kondo and one of the ones that best summarizes the objective of this style. It is true that many of the things that we have disordered by house are objects that we do not usually use very often or do not know if we want. It is best to go with everything we have at home , be it figures, clothes or any other object and think about whether it makes us happy to have it; If this is the case, we can keep it, if, on the contrary, we do not like it, it is better to get it out.

2. Sort by categories

After selecting everything we want to stay, we just need to start ordering, but instead of doing it according to the area of ​​the house, we better order by categories; that is, putting everything we have at home of a certain type of object in one place. For example, if we start ordering clothes, we must put all of the house in one place and start ordering and storing the garments according to our satisfaction.

3. Start with the easiest

In the words of Marie Kondo, the simplest at the time of beginning to order is clothes , followed by books, papers, various objects and, finally, the sentimental elements that we keep. To avoid abandonment in the middle of the task, it is best to start with the simplest and, in addition, divide it into sections : upper garments, such as shirts, in lower, such as pants, clothes on hangers, such as dresses or coats and finally underwear , accessories, etc.

4. Everything in sight

It is best not to buy furniture and objects that serve to keep everything inside them. Marie says that the most important thing is to have everything in sight and opt for simplicity, so, at a glance, you can find what you are looking for without having to occupy all the spaces with furniture to store all your belongings. The method of KonMari is based on using all the everyday objects that we have at home, empty shoe boxes or rolls of toilet paper .

5. Fold the clothes vertically

It is best to leave the clothes vertically to see at first glance what we want without having to stir everything. This method , except for the garments designed to hang them on hangers, will make the clothes take up less space and stay smooth . The trick is to form small rectangles with the clothes until she herself stands up on her own. In the case of pants, buttons and zips will be fastened. We iron with our hands and bend in the same way to keep them alone. And, in the case of handbags, it is best to keep one inside the other to save space.