Cleaning and organizing a house can be a daunting task. What should you throw in the trash? What should you keep? Where do you start to clean?

For example, although it may seem logical to try to organize your house room by room, experts have found that this is not the best way to maintain a clean space.

The organization is a holistic process, that is, it must be considered as a whole . Although it is difficult to establish general guidelines, the following tips come directly from people who make a living in the space organization business:

Trust your instinct
The starting point at the time of cleaning is to make a complete sweep of the apartment or the house and begin to eliminate things by listening to your instinct .

That first sweep, serves to determine the things that one is going to get rid of. Once we get rid of the most obvious things, our minds will adapt to pay attention to those things that are harder to decide to discard.

Leave the blame
People tend to cling to things because of their sentimental value, or because those things used to define them. Organizing a space is about making an inventory of your life: where you were, where you are and where you want to go. If something does not work for you the moment you’re there, throw it away .

Stop punishing yourself for wanting to throw things that only have value for the associated memory. If you do not use it, do not be afraid to get rid of that.

Avoid buying useless organizers
One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying organizers that they never finish using. Sometimes these types of items can complicate the organization of objects because their use is usually too specific.

The last thing you want is that something you bought to organize your house becomes the cause of a bigger mess.

It is simply a periodic maintenance that allows you to keep your organizational systems running. Take your time at the end of each day or each week to put things in order.

Do not bring disorder home
Have you ever bought a product just because they will give you a trinket that you will never use anyway? Or worse, have you bought useless things online only to reach the minimum that allows free shipping?

The easiest way to keep your house clean is by stopping clutter at the source . Be aware of the items you bring home. Check that they are things that you really use and love.