26. Define your list of pending:

What is the most important thing you have to do next week? What is that task that you will be targeting for the week? It is important to define a list of activities that you have pending.

In the tranquility of your weekend, define what and in what order you will do it.

27. Take a nap for no reason:

Take a second to remember the last time you slept in the afternoon for no reason. Remember that nap that recharged your energies and left as new?

Life makes sense with those little details and moments that you live without waiting for them, that you enjoy them and leave you a good memory.

This weekend stops being so demanding with yourself and sleeps for a while, stop thinking about productivity and enjoy this pleasure of life.

28. Spend some time alone, reflect and meditate:

What aspects of your life can you improve? What made you happy, sad, melancholy or euphoric this week? How can you improve? How do you plan to use next Monday to be a better person?

Learn to live with your loneliness, to enjoy the time you spend alone to connect again with your purposes, learn to meditate and remember what you want to achieve with your life.

29. Read your favorite blogs:

During the week you will be accumulating tabs on your cell phone and pending articles to read. Take the time the weekend, when you have no pending and commitments, to read the articles of your favorite blogs.

For this account with applications like Pocket that allow you to save the articles to read later.

30. Get ready and have a coffee:

Definitely coffee tastes better on Sundays (and the weekend in general). Prepare your favorite coffee, in the morning and enjoy it accompanied by a good book, a newspaper, a good company or reading motivational phrases .

With these things that you can do a weekend you will be ready to start a new week full of energy.