21. Visit friends you did not see some time ago:

Inside the things to do the weekend without spending money you can organize a plan to go out with your friends.

Call them and invite them to have a beer, to go out to eat something or just to talk about the old days. Remembering these types of stories gives you a respite from the eagerness and worries you have.

22. Plan a movie marathon on Netflix with your partner:

That series that just launched on Netflix … dare to see her with your partner all weekend. It does not matter what they tell you; buy crispetas, order pizza and “hibernate” in bed until they reach the last season. Once in a while there is nothing wrong with it.

23. Go out and have fun with your pet

Surely between so much work and commitments that you have in the week, the fatigue and little time does not allow you to dedicate time to your pet, so this is one of the things to do the weekend.

So take out the lasso and take it to walk, to play and run to exhaustion. If you do not have one, consider the possibility of adopting one, it will surely change your life.

Finally, use your weekend to relax

24. Things to do the weekend without spending money? read a book

One of the best things you can do a weekend (and every day of the week) is to read a good book.

The ability of these to change your life and fill you with opportunities is impressive. Here you have  200 books to download for free in PDF and legally .

25. Disconnect from all your devices:

Would you be willing to turn off your cell phone one weekend? One day? A few hours a day?

Although we do not like to recognize it, our attachment to these devices is behavior that borders on addiction. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, we reviewed our phone 150 times on average per day.