16. Enroll in a digital or face-to-face course:

Do you want to learn how to program and create web pages? Would you like to improve your public speaking skills? Is there a gardening course that opened inscriptions near your home?

Enroll in one of them and use your free time to become a better person.

17. Define your budget for your week:

Organize your expenses and income for the week, so you can identify the unnecessary expenses that are impoverishing you without realizing it. There are applications that can help you with that, so learn how to make a budget and stick to it.

18. Schedule the important commitments:

If you have an important appointment that requires time (which you do not have in the week), do it on Saturday morning. This type of commitments that postpone and fill your agenda not only take away your productivity, but overwhelm your mind.

So schedule them within your plans for your weekend.

19. Create your own blog:

Use free time to write and inspire in your blog. Here we show you how to create one that you can live with. Once you start you will not believe the world of possibilities and opportunities that are opened to you through your website.

Program things to do the weekend with the people you love most

20. Spend time with your parents:

Invite your parents to go out to eat at their favorite place. Try hard and find the moment, so you have many excuses.

If you definitely can not, take the time to call them and see how they are. Ask if they need anything and remind them how much you love them.