11. Cook and leave some prepared foods:

In the week, when you get home from work, you want to do anything but cook. It is understandable that after working and training, do not feel like knowing about the kitchen. So prepare yourself.

The weekend you can leave the rice, some potatoes or food that can stay in your fridge for a week. The rest as protein you can prepare it every day, this does not take long.

12. Organize your computer, files and downloads:

How many files do you have on your desk? How many downloads and images do you have in your document folder that you no longer use and that are destroying your memory? Delete, and click “empty trash.”

This is one of those things to do the weekend that will contribute to your productivity in the week, and more when you have a business that consists of making money online , and you work from your computer.

13. Wash and organize your clothes for the week that starts:

If you do not have to win to cook after arriving from work, I imagine that washing clothes is not a very interesting plan for the night.

Do the same, while you are watching television or taking a nap, put the clothes in the washing machine and define what you will wear next week. So you save time.

Invest your weekend to work on your personal projects

14. Start your business idea:

Use this weekend to work on your business idea. You have free time, and in this article we talk about  how to create your company one day a week .

You do not have a business idea yet, you could check this list of cheap franchises to start.

15. Learn how to invest your money with these Netflix documentaries:

If you are passionate about Netflix, use your time to learn how to invest your money with these series and documentaries. Not only will you have a nice time, but you will be learning.