Organizing and planning can be things to do on the weekend

6. Organize your room and get rid of what you do not use:

Start with the most important part: your room. Organize the mess, change the sheets on your bed, remove dust from the furniture and clean it in general.

Moreover, if you are in the mood change the location of your bed, give a new orientation to the place where you spend all your nights.

7. Wash your car, motorcycle or bicycle:

Regardless of your mode of transport, be it a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle, clean and take care of your things.

The way you keep your belongings, from shoes to the kitchen of your home speaks a lot about your way of being.

8. Clean your kitchen:

When was the last time you looked at the expiration dates of your meal? Clean your kitchen, recycle those jars that you no longer use, throw out the food that has expired (and ask yourself the next time you are going to buy that amount) and disinfect your kitchen in general.

9. Plan what you are going to eat and how you will do it:

An excellent idea thinking about things to do the weekend , is to create a table where you write your lunches and meals for next week.

What would you like to have lunch on Monday, what would you like to eat on Thursday, what days you will eat on the street, among other dates.

This will let you know what you have to buy and in what quantities.

10. Buy the food for next week:

A good alternative to not have to be throwing food is to buy food once a week for the next 8 days. The foods that are not perishable can be bought in quantity, the rest buys just enough and enjoys its freshness.