When was the last time you thought of things to do over the weekend? 

Surely one of the excuses for not trying was that you did not have enough money.

As we know, human beings are beings of habits; and even the weekends that were supposed to be doing different things ended up being part of the same routine as always.

Things to do the weekend without spending money

If you are one of those who get up late, you spend all morning watching television and then go out to eat and go back to sleep, then you have more than 30 things you can do this weekend without spending a lot of money.

When you think about things to do over the weekend , remember that resting is not about doing anything, but about doing something different.

And the best thing is that you do not need money to do it, if you’re thinking that to do something that fills you with energy requires a lot of money.

1. Walk, run and nothing:

Separate 30 minutes of your weekend to go for a walk, 30 minutes to go jogging and 30 minutes to swim. Exercise is important for your health, so include it among your things to do the weekend .

Here we leave you the benefits of walking in your life.

2. Practice some sport together:

If you do not like to go for a walk or swim, you can play soccer with your friends, basketball, or any sport that you can practice as a team. You can also practice a hobby that you enjoy.

3. Visit the park closest to your home:

Breathe fresh air, look at new landscapes and get inspired by the tranquility of nature, how much money do these things need to make the weekend ?

You can spend an afternoon contemplating those things for which you are very busy during the week.

4. Work in a foundation or cause that you are passionate about:

If you like a foundation or feel a connection for some cause in your community, add this activity to your things to do the weekend . You can donate your work in foundations with children, elderly or unprotected animals.

5. Visit the zoo or a theme park in your city:

Why not visit those recognized places in your city, which all foreigners know, and which you do not even remember when it was the last time you visited? Soak up a bit of your history and your city.