Advertise/PR is more than a blog.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain product visibility via a loyal and steadily growing audience.  My media kit, which includes my target audience, social media reach, and pricing, is available upon request.


Advertising Space

I would love to feature your business with ad space on the sidebar of my blog, provided that your business is a good fit with my readership as well as with me personally.  To this end, boutique-style businesses that thrive via in-home sales parties (think jewelry, clothing, stationery, kitchen products or home decor) would be an excellent fit.  I also have a soft spot for family-oriented products and educational materials.


Product Reviews

I would be agreeable to writing product reviews to be featured on  Again, the product in question would need to be one that would appeal to my readers, and I would need to believe in the product myself.  I’d also be happy to host product giveaways.


Freelance Writing

I would love to write a guest post on your blog or write an article for your magazine.  Please see my “Mommy’s Friends” page to view sites where my writing has been featured.


Interested?  Let’s talk!
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