we know everything about cleanliness by the amount of experience accumulated, and that is why in this article we will share the best cleaning tips that you can apply both when cleaning your home and in your business to get better results saving time and effort.

Generic cleaning tips :
When you get down to work, we will give you the first of the tricks for cleaning the home , or the business, which consists of having all the items and accessories that you will need inside a basin or basket with sufficient capacity, and In this way you will have everything you need without losing time with continuous displacements in search of what you have forgotten.

Preprogram yourself the tasks to organize house cleaning , like the real professionals, and do not interrupt the work constantly, or even until you finish with the planned objectives. In this way you will be able to do a more efficient job and in less time.

Make good ventilation while you clean at home or business, because without adequate air renewal, you do not get a complete feeling of cleanliness.
If one day you almost do not have time to clean house and you will receive unexpected visits, the main thing is to collect all the spaces well, while you ventilate, and simply use the vacuum cleaner on the floors, change the nozzle and put the small brush finish to eliminate dust the furniture, and trace traces of traces with a damp cloth. The order of the home is essential to improve the feeling of cleanliness .

Use the wet cleaning system when you have to clean horizontal surfaces, to prevent the dust from rising and falling again.

Always clean from top to bottom, both wet and dry.

Take advantage of the moments of general cleaning when cleaning at home or in the office, to get rid of all the useless junk that makes you lose a lot of time every time you have to clean daily.

If the scraper of your vitro has been left without a blade, use an aluminum scouring pad with your cleaning product for the vitro, and you will achieve the same result.

If you have just scrubbed the floors, and can not wait to pass when they are still wet, spread the paper of a magazine or newspaper on the floor to step on it. Then you will only have to pick them up, without having to go through the cleaning of fingerprints.

To clean silver, silverware and other objects are perfect with a cloth dampened in water and a little baking soda. After spreading the mixture, wait for it to dry, then rub with energy to remove the remains of the product and dirt, and you will see that the silver is shiny.

When it comes to cleaning the walls and ceiling, use a mop with a telescopic handle to avoid using the stairs, or do it with your vacuum cleaner, if it has an extendable handle.

Old cotton shirts are a valuable ally in cleaning glass and polished surfaces, so do not throw them away when you discard them.

When cleaning your home or business, it is not necessary to use a lot of cleaning products, but a few effective and well chosen.

Quinces are great natural fragrances for your home , car or business, without harmful chemicals, and can be very decorative strategically placed inside baskets, or other containers.
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