Throughout the month we have been decorating all the tricks to keep our house in perfect condition, with specific treatments and daily or weekly routines. However, in addition to this, and much laziness that we, we all know that with the changes of the season is essential a thorough general cleaning , which is what we will address today in this last post of our special.

From always our grandmothers have taken advantage of the months of April, before the holy week, and September, in the days before the incorporation to the school, as suitable dates to carry out the seasonal cleaning. No doubt they knew very well what they were doing, let’s see why.

Why a general cleaning at the end of summer and another at the beginning of spring
Because we are very clean and we know that there are always things that escape daily and weekly cleaning: corners, drawers, ceilings, blinds and mattresses , for example. They deserve that we dedicate a certain time to them to leave them again in perfect state of review.

Because it is the ideal time to make the change of seasonal clothing, and thus, taking advantage of the fact that we remove all the belongings, we organize and clean the cabinets inside, saving time and effort.

Because by the way we change the decoration and fill it with light and lightness for the arrival of spring , or we give it a warm and autumnal touch to make it our refuge in the coolest days.

How to properly organize general cleaning
Obviously each teacher has his book, also in cleaning, but mark clear guidelines sure to help us in our task. It is important to attend at least to these three:

Organize a work plan . Regardless of our house, a mini-apartment or an example, we need to organize an action plan. Some will be able to finish everything in one day, while for others it will be better to dedicate themselves to room by room. In any case you have to take it seriously and think about marking some definitive dates that do not make us waver in our determination.

Make products collection . It is important to review with time the utensils and products that we are going to use, being able to buy what is necessary, in case we lack something. Bear in mind also that we will need a basket or a box to take them from one room to another, so it will be much more convenient and faster.

Follow an order . It is necessary to follow a logical order so as not to dirty what has already been cleaned. With this in mind, everyone can adopt theirs, although I would consider the one that has traditionally been used: pick up curtains, remove rugs and covers and empty cupboards. While washing textiles clean roof, insisting on moldings if you have windows and walls. Refill the cabinets, place the new decoration and finish with a thorough cleaning of the floor, applying the necessary treatments in case of carpet or parquet .

Obviously we will have to modify and adapt these guidelines to our convenience, especially taking into account the space to be cleaned, since each one has its specific characteristics, it is not the same as a general cleaning in the kitchen that one in the living room .

So far our advice on how to carry out a general cleaning at home , we hope that you have found it useful and that our Special Series on Cleaning , which ends today, has also seemed interesting to you.

Images via | Saltycotton , Chooyutshing and Chiotsrun on Flickr in Decoesfera | Daily and weekly cleaning