Cleaning the whole house is not an easy task, besides being one of the most ungrateful tasks in the home, it is exhausting and everyone does it to remove it. That’s why we want to tell you these tips so that cleaning the home is an easier job:

General Tips
• To begin, doing it in order is fundamental. It is not advisable to start with a room, go to the kitchen, go back to the bathroom, etc. If your house is two levels, the ideal is to start with the 2nd and finish in the 1st.

• Identify the area of the most complicated house to fix and leave it for the last, with that when you finish cleaning it you will have finished everything and you will not have to remain exhausted in that task in the rest of the house.

• Sweeping and mopping should be the last step, since it is useless to sweep first if you are going to clean the dust later and it will get dirty again.

• Having all the right accessories to clean is ideal, for example it is basic to keep a broom of soft bristles to sweep, one of hard bristles to scrub if necessary, at least a rag, bucket, sprayer or sprayer.

• Alistar all the implements that you will use at the beginning will save you time and although you do not believe it, you will feel that the cleaning was faster.

• Do not forget to protect your hands with gloves during cleaning. The chemicals in the soaps are very strong and dry your hands and break your nails.

• Listen to your favorite music during this work, it will make you enjoy it more and even have a good time.

Cleaning the windows…
cleaning-glassesWindow frames also accumulate dust, mildew and even cobwebs can form, so clean the edges with a damp cloth.
The windows can be cleaned every two or three months, spray the glass with a glass cleaner or you can prepare a mixture of white vinegar with water, with a sponge gently wipe the glass and remove with a sheet of newspaper.
If there is a stubborn stain on the window, clean it with a cloth dipped in undiluted alcohol.

Cleaning Furniture …
cleaning-furnitureThe furniture also accumulates dust and mites, so it is important to clean them frequently.
To clean wood surfaces, mix olive oil and white vinegar in a ratio of 70-30. With a cloth, gently rub the furniture and wait until it is completely dry to put things on it. It will be clean and bright.
Furniture made of leather should be specially careful, place it away from the sun or any source of heat that deteriorates the color or cracks the leather. To clean them, avoid using alcohol products as they remove shine. Just a damp cloth to remove the dust and a cloth with oil or leather wax will help to give it shine.
For fabric furniture, use a semi-wet cloth to remove surface dust, but for a deeper cleaning the best option is the vacuum cleaner.
If you have pets at home and your furniture is full of hairs, a super simple and effective trick, is to clean them with kitchen gloves, pass your hand as if you were scraping and you will see how the hairs are coming out.

Cleaning the Floors …
cleaning floorsThe first step is to sweep the floor, if you want to facilitate this task do it with a vacuum, make sure you get to all corners. It also takes advantage to clean the roof, there may also appear cobwebs.
To scrub the floor before mopping, help with warm water and the traditional soap you use, helps remove more easily dirt stains.
If there are pets at home, a stream of white vinegar in that water will help eliminate odors. To scrub the floor it is best to do it with the hard bristle broom. Then you can mop the floor, pour the liquid with a pleasant pain or if it is in wood seal it with wax.

Cleaning the Bathrooms …
cleaning-bathroomsIt is probably the most unpleasant task in the house, here the steam is the best ally to remove the fungi from the tiles.
If you do not have a steamer for this task, a simple idea is to bathe before cleaning, with that the steam will help you soften that dirt, then with a hard bristle brush or an old toothbrush scrub all those surfaces, help yourself of hot water with vinegar or bicarbonate and a few drops of lemon, the best disinfectant.

Cleaning the kitchen…
cleaning-kitchenThis is perhaps one of the most complicated areas of the house, as it is very easy to accumulate layers of grease, debris and dust.
The best technique to remove grease from the surfaces of the stove, hood or ovens is to mix warm water with lemon and baking soda, scrub gently with a sponge and remove with a damp towel. For the walls you can use the same technique. The dishwasher also requires washing, although it is very simple, with soap and water, do not forget to do it with the zebra sponge for steel, it is the last thing before cleaning the floor.

Natural Cleaners
If you trust more in the action of nature, take advantage of the benefits it offers:

• Lemon: it is a natural super disinfectant that eliminates almost all batteries thanks to its acid

• Vinegar: either white or apple is an exceptional fat remover, it also helps to remove mold and control odors.

• Bicarbonate: mixed with water is excellent for cleaning, to remove stains from dishes or glasses, to eliminate plaques and bad smells like those in the fridge.